When was kleen hub founded?

Kleen hub was founded in Copenhagen in January 2020 by us, three friends (Giuseppe Lanzafame, Robert Dichtl, and Simone Favorito). We spotted the dire need to transition from single-use to reusable packaging and initially started as Reboo in July 2019. In December 2019, we participated in the National Geographic Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge (OPIC) as Reboo. Today, kleen hub is growing with the help of environmentally-conscious people like you!

Where is kleen hub currently in operation?

So far, our reusable system can be used for takeaway from various restaurants in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. Kleen hub is planning to expand into more neighborhoods very soon! We will also establish partnerships with canteens, caterers, grocers, and other corporations. Kleen hub intends to develop the system and help other cities reduce waste in the future.

How does the kleen hub system work?

In addition to cars and scooters, kleen hub is bringing the sharing economy to the next level. First, customers download the app and register themselves a single time. You can then see which restaurants and cafes are participating with kleen hub. At any chosen partner, simply open the app, scan the restaurant’s provided NFC card, select the number of items you wish to rent, and confirm. That’s it! No deposit is required. After eating, you can return the used item to any of the participating restaurants. It will then be collected and hygienically cleaned for the next use. As long as you return the kleen hub container to any restaurant within 10 days of being issued, there is absolutely no fee!

Why do I have to enter my payment details when registering?

Similar to other sharing services, you must register to join kleen hub. By doing so, we can guarantee cashless and convenient processing. For kleen hub, the payment details serve as security that you will return the box to our system. Remember, you don’t even need to pay a deposit to use kleen hub containers! However, if you fail to return your boxes within 10 days, you will be charged DKK 100. This allows us to replace the box in our system and continue fighting waste.

Why do I have to scan the NFC card in the restaurant?

When you scan the restaurant’s NFC card, kleen hub is then able to digitally process your rented container via our platform. This helps both us and you keep track of how many boxes you have rented.

What if my cell phone is not NFC capable?

This is not a problem. When borrowing or returning a container, simply click “passcode” at the bottom of your screen. Next, allow the restaurant employee to enter the code for you. Confirm the number and size of boxes, and you’re finished!

Do I need to wash the container before returning it?

It is best to at least rinse the container immediately after use, regardless of when it will be returned. As the containers will be washed no matter what, you may return your used, unwashed container the same day if you wish. If several days go by before returning your box, please rinse it with water to prevent mold. Our partners check all boxes upon return. Kleen hub is not obliged to take back deliberately damaged containers or containers that have clearly not been used for food. In this case, you will be billed for DKK 100. Please treat kleen hub boxes with care; this enables the boxes to be reused many times, saving tons of waste!

Where can I return my used kleen hub box?

After use, you can conveniently return your box to any participating restaurant listed in the app. Remember to scan the restaurant’s NFC card and confirm the number of boxes you are returning.

What happens after I return my box?

After returning your box physically in the restaurant as well as digitally in the app, it will be checked by our partners in the restaurant and then hygienically cleaned in an industrial dishwasher. The box is then ready to be used by the next kleen hub customer!

What happens if I never return the box?

If the box is not returned within 10 days of issuance, you will be charged DKK 100 and the box becomes yours. Remember, the kleen hub system works optimally if the containers are being returned and reused. Please remember to return your used box so we can fight plastic waste together.

How do I know how many containers I have rented in my account?

Within the app, under the “boxes” tab on the bottom-screen menu, you can see the number of containers you have rented. If you have active containers, the remaining number of days and hours until the latest return date will be shown. You can also see your history of use.

What are kleen hub containers made of?

Kleen hub containers are made of 100% BPA-free stainless steel. They are light, extremely durable, and almost leak-proof. After considering many different materials and manufacturers, we decided this high-quality steel was best. It’s also particularly easy to recycle! Stainless steel is far more environmentally friendly than plastic, and it can be used in both the freezer and oven.

How heat-resistant and leak-proof are the kleen hub containers?

Kleen hub’s containers are almost, but not entirely, leak-proof. Please be aware of this when transporting your takeaway food; if the boxes are handled in a normal, upright manner, you will prevent unnecessary spillage. Remember to be careful and avoid burning yourself when the containers are holding hot food. Any long-term food storage at room temperature or below is suitable for the containers. With food inside, the boxes can also handle heating at 70°C for up to 2 hours or heating at 100 ° C for up to 15 minutes.

What kinds of food are suitable for kleen hub containers?

Kleen hub’s high-quality containers are suitable for all warm and cold dishes. They currently come in two sizes and are even oven and dishwasher safe! Hot dishes hold their heat; however, the food can be reheated in the oven if necessary. At the moment, restaurants use our containers for vegetarian dishes, pasta, risotto, curries, soups, salads, muesli, pokébowls, and breakfast bowls.

Why do our society and planet need kleen hub?

Kleen hub is here to help you do your part in reducing waste. Ordering takeaway food results in enormous amounts of garbage, and most of these containers are being used for only 30 minutes or less. Did you know that only 9% of plastic actually gets recycled? Unfortunately, the other 91% ends up in landfills, incinerators, and the environment. Because of the pandemic, the demand for meal takeaway and delivery has surged dramatically. Subsequently, the industry and its customers are creating A LOT more trash. How can we solve this growing issue? Kleen hub has established a convenient and innovative solution; the consumer can always use a free, freshly washed container, completely preventing unnecessary waste!

How is kleen hub better than compostable or disposable containers?

Kleen hub does not produce any waste at all. In comparison with conventional single-use options, reusable containers yield a better ecological balance after just 30 washes! Meanwhile, other “biodegradable” materials such as bioplastics (PLA) and bagasse incessantly end up in garbage bins without being properly recycled. These options consume massive amounts of resources during production and transportation. Instead, experts strongly advocate for reusable solutions. With kleen hub, you can confidently rely on a 100% circular system and avoid senseless trash.

For kleen hub users, what are the advantages?

As a kleen hub customer, you are improving the takeaway experience while significantly reducing your own plastic waste. You’re waving goodbye to your guilty conscience and saying hello to a cleaner planet! Within the kleen hub app, you can even see how much plastic and CO2 you have avoided by using our stainless-steel containers.

For restaurant owners, what are the advantages?

For kleen hub’s partners in the restaurant industry, the main advantages are the reduction in packaging waste and costs. Simultaneously, restaurateurs can offer their customers an upgraded takeaway experience with kleen hub’s durable containers.

What is the ecological balance of the kleen hub containers and how many times can they be reused?

According to the manufacturer, the boxes can be used up to 1000 times. After just 30 uses, they are already more environmentally friendly than disposable plastic, paper, aluminium, or “biodegradable” packaging. During the box’s lifecycle, 134kg of CO2 will be saved!

How are kleen hub containers dismantled and disposed of?

If a kleen hub box becomes unusable, it is collected and recycled in a controlled manner. During this process, the container is melted down to create other products. This way, our system remains circular and we completely avoid creating waste! This is one reason we chose stainless steel as the mono-material for production; the boxes can be easily recycled.

What does kleen hub do with my data?

We collect your personal data to communicate with you regarding your rented containers. With your information, we can remind you to return the container, therefore helping you participate resourcefully in our circular, reusable system. Your data is protected by encryption and server structures. Your payment data is processed and stored by the external payment provider, Stripe; we do not have direct access to it. It simply serves as security for us if you don't return your box; if that is the case, we can then request payment. Our digital system also makes it possible to measure how much packaging and CO2 have been saved by you and fellow kleen hub users!